Lightning protection to keep the lighting stable—— First choice brand of LED Lighting lamps lightning protection

Surge Protection Device SPD for Street Lightings Surge Protector Devices

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Product details
  • Brand name:ZP
Supply Ability
  • Supply Ability:20000 pieces
  • Warranty(Year):1 Year
Packaging & Delivery
  • Length:69 cm
  • Width:45 cm
  • Height:28 cm
  • Logistics Weight:0.100 kg/piece

2018 LED street light surge lightning arrester

2018 LED street light surge lightning arrester

Q1: How to install?             

Answer: the product can be installed inside the lamp or inside the lamppost. The product can reserve the screw mounting hole to facilitate the installation and fixation of the product.

Q2:Do you accept customized order?

Answer: we have a professional R & D team that can provide customized products and services to customers and provide OEM and ODM foundry.

Q3: What's the delievery time?

Answer: our product's production cycle is one week, and its monthly production capacity is about 150 thousand.

Q4:What are the terms of payment?

Answer: the payment method we can accept is payment to the delivery, or 50% deposit in advance, and the remaining 50% payment should be paid before delivery.

Q5:Quality warranty?

Answer: the product warranty period is three years, quality problems occur during the warranty period, and new products are replaced free of charge. The service can be extended to extend the warranty period.

Q6:What mode of transportation?

Answer: we can provide shipping and air transportation according to customer's requirements.

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